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Religion and ‘Night’ a Book Review

He speaks of how he awoke on January 29 to find another sick person in his father's bed. He then realized that he must have died during the night (Wiley)

Analyzing Religion and World History

They did not allow the Jews to celebrate Passover, sing Psalms, observe diet laws or testify against Christians in court. Under the Visigothic rule, forced baptism of the Jews was normal and Montesquieu, centuries later would see that "all the laws of the Inquisition had been part of the Visigothic code" that formed the behavior of the Jews in Spain in the 7th century (Ajami, n

Analyzing Religion and World History

). Sunnis therefore regard Shias as heretics and Shias regard Sunnis as secular usurpers (Atkins, 2003)

Analyzing Religion and World History

The Zoroastrians at one time had domination over areas that are now Greece, Russia, India and Rome and their world population is approximately 190, 000. Survival is now considered an obsession of the community and despite the decreasing numbers, the Zoroastrians who follow Prophet Zarathustra, are now divided over the issues of converts, intermarried families and the definition of being a Zoroastrian (Goodstein, 2006)

Analyzing Religion and World History

Many scholars even stated that women were the majority of Christians in the 1st century. Mary Magdalene, who was a Jewish woman, was the most important figure in the ancient church (King, 1998)

Analyzing Religion and World History

five time prayers, which is the pillar of Islam. The Muslims in the early times turned towards Jerusalem when praying as it was the 'first of the two Qiblas' of the Muslims (Khalidi, 1996)

Analyzing Religion and World History

China at that time cared about filial piety, religion, ancestors, education, arts, culture, honor and prestige, and money was not on top of the list. The big change took place when Admiral Zheng He, who was the commander of Chinese fleet, sailed to take over the world (Kristoff, 1999)

Analyzing Religion and World History

D. 325, formal churches were not very common and after the council of Nicea was convened by Constantine, the church practices were formalized, embarking a campaign by using Roman basilica, which is a rectangular space, as a worship place model for Christians (Lawler, 2007)

Analyzing Religion and World History

Schopenhauer emotionally wrote that, "In the whole world there is no study as beneficial and as elevating as the Upanishads." Emerson also wrote poems based on Upanishads and 'personal reality' was the main theme of it (Sundaram, n


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