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Business in Japan Cultural Consideration

Japan is classified as having a 99% literacy rate (Index Mundi, 2016). Approximately 46% of all students attend post-compulsory education, either at a University or a junior college (Nishiyama, 1999)

Music From Japanese Anime in the US

However, the use of the music in anime, as well as video games has increased the audience, and just as the west influenced Japan, Japan is now inducing the west, particularly the U.S. (Kelts 19)

Music From Japanese Anime in the US

S., with a practice which may be classified as remix (Knobel and Lanlshear 24)

Music From Japanese Anime in the US

The move towards anime can be seen with games such as Pokemon, which spawned a lot of merchandise, as well as spin of animations that became popular in the U.S. (Sexton 33)

Music From Japanese Anime in the US

¶ … Japanese Music from Anime and Video Games on American Culture Music found in Japanese anime and video games has found its' way into American culture, as the popularity of these mediums has provides a route through which Japanese artists and creative works may extend beyond the Asian region (Shahriari 179)

Japan and Australia Comparison

"Composite indicators (such as HeaLYs and DALYs) use duration of time (years, weeks, days) to measure the loss of healthy life from disease and the gain from interventions. These metrics are evolving into important tools for assisting health-related decision making" (Merson, Black, & Mills, 2012, p

Japan and Australia Comparison

Australia's wealth is not spread out as evenly as Japan's is. The top 20% of Australia's top earners earn five times the amount of the bottom 20% (OECD, 2016)

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