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Economic Impact of Michael Jordan

Many commercials, most prominently that of Nike promoting the "Just Do It" slogan for its sports apparels and products got hype due to the presence of Michael Jordan in the advertisement of these products enhancing the Jordan Effect. During the decade of eighties and nineties, Nike took advantage of the charisma and the mystique created by the personality, team building spirit and the talent of Jordan and capitalized on Jordan's "Airness" (Beatty, n

Economic Impact of Michael Jordan

From these figures, it is rather evident that Jordan is very well liked among the masses and he is also very well accepted in the American market-based economy where his endorsement of certain products, as mentioned in the table above, was the surety of increased sales figures of the products and services these companies sell. In fact, it would not be wrong to assert that with the economic money generation worth $10 billion over fourteen years, Michael Jordan did had the charisma and the power to have a powerful and favorable impact on the American economy and the Jordan Effect did prove to be correct, no doubt (Isidore, n

Economic Impact of Michael Jordan

html According to the report by Vinuya the Nike products promoted by Jordan generated annually more than $250 million. When Jordan announced his retirement in the year 1999 (Mills, n

Economic Impact of Michael Jordan

Economic Impact of Michael Jordan ) and made himself the greatest celebrity/player to have the greatest economic impact in the United States history. His fame, enigma and charisma did things for his team and his sponsors that no other sportsman could do before and that was the hype that he created in the commercial scenario (Smith, 4)

Economic Impact of Michael Jordan

) the stock price of the Nike Company fell by more than 4% as it was expected that the announcement of the retirement would decrease the sales of the company's products in the category of sports shoes and other sports related products. It was rather certain for many people that the retirement would bring along a negative economic effect (Wynter, n

Michael Jordan in March 2005,

I would always shoot an airball, because I wasn't strong enough. I was always amazed when I saw him do it" (Bauman pp)

Michael Jordan in March 2005,

But I like the name. I'll take the pressure that goes with it" (Chavez pp)

Michael Jordan in March 2005,

He appears on a myriad of products, such as wallpaper, trading cards, and screensavers (Products pp). He has transcended his on-court achievements to become a corporate pitchman who hawks for giant companies like Coke, McDonald's and Nike (Crowley pp)

Michael Jordan in March 2005,

Jeffrey will be a junior at Loyola Academy in Wilmette, Illinois, in the fall, is able to take the hoopla about his own fledgling basketball career in stride (Chavez pp). Following in those footsteps might intimidate most kids, but not Jeffrey, an all-conference selection as a sophomore, who says "To me, he's just my dad" (Marot pp)

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