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Meaning of Life

For desperate people, life is to be lived one moment at a time. However, those who consider the meaning of life as important consider it every day and very well know that they should step back from the moment to see and observe life in a long-range context (Baumeister 3)

Meaning of Life

He was a man of his words and lived up to what he taught others. It is indeed a crystal clear reality that Muhammad's teachings inspire the whole world whether they follow his special teachings or not (Besant 3)

Meaning of Life

Moreover, Allah is sympathetic, generous, forgiving and beneficent. He is angry only when a human being crosses His defined limits (Cook 25)

Meaning of Life

The God expects his intelligent creation (human beings) to lead a satisfactory life by covering all aspects of it with the purity of heart and mind. The flow of life should be according to the prescribed teachings of Muhammad because no person is allowed to go his/her own way (Kavakci 51)

Meaning of Life

Those who have pondered over and followed his teachings are reported to have lead meaningful and a satisfied life. The Prophet Muhammad's teachings appear to have a continuous positive effect on the human souls (Nyang 297)

Meaning of Life

They follow the footsteps of Muhammad in their everyday life because they get to realize that by following his footsteps, they would get the closeness to God which should be one's life's sole purpose. As stated in Koran (65:11), the teachings of Muhammad "can lead believers "out of the depths of darkness" with faith and religious deeds" (Sultan)

Meaning of Life

Indeed, human beings will often take heroic, extreme or ruthless measures to ensure their own survival and that of their families and loved ones. We share this survival instinct with other animals, and also have a self-regard that often "prompts us to 'stick to life', to try hard to stay alive for better or worse, to resist and fight back against whatever may threaten the premature or abrupt termination of life" (Bauman, 2003, p

Meaning of Life

David Benatar claims that non-existence is preferable to being born, since pain, suffering and death are inevitable for every person who lives, but those who never existed will have no experience of these. All life is full of suffering and hardship, so "being brought into existence is not a benefit but always a harm" (Benatar, 2004, p

Meaning of Life

Nevertheless, the ultimate extinction of humanity in a million years from now might not be an evil in any objective sense, although if it happened tomorrow the present generation would definitely regard it as such. Death at age twenty-five or twelve "is of a different order from the tragedy of not living to be five hundred" and is not tragic at all for elderly persons whose quality of life is "irrevocably bad" (Lenman, 2004, p

Meaning of Life

Among the survivors of the Nazi camps, for example, where conditions were as terrible as the most sadistic human minds could devise, and entire literature exists on how prisoners managed to stay alive and even fight back against a system whose only purpose was their degradation and destruction. From the time he was arrested in 1938 and sent to Dachau and Buchenwald, Bruno Bettleheim wondered how the prisoners "could endure so much without committing suicide" (Pollak, 1997, p

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