Corporate Crime Sources for your Essay

Corporate Crime in APA Style Accounting Crimes

Why are all these crimes perpetrated? It is because of the large number of opportunities that are present within this type of set up that these crimes are carried out with ease, even though the perpetrators are very well aware of the fact that, if caught, the penalties would be extremely severe: they could be imprisoned or disqualified from their jobs, and in some cases, even disbarred from their chosen profession. (Corporate Crime Studies) Sometimes, Corporate Crime is defined as the crimes that are committed by the corporation in the areas of environmental damage that causes loss of life or limb to the employees of the corporation and to any others who have been involved in its workings

Corporate Crime Is Not Like Burglary

Enron had independent auditor Arthur Anderson sign off on its fraudulent accounting practices in order to make them appear legitimate to investors and regulators. (SimonP, et