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Human Trafficking: Social Issues

) is gaining prominence, and it is estimated that approximately 200,000 American children are at risk of being trafficked into sex trade within the U.S. (Chisolm-Straker, n

Los Angeles Social Issues

To put another fine point on this subject, California pays out as much as $638 per month to a single beneficiary family or person and this is the highest average max payout in the nation. These statistics persist even though California has applied cuts to the system on two separate occasions while other states keep doing nominal increases form year to account for inflation and the like (Gardner, 2012)

Los Angeles Social Issues

Welfare certainly helps but the overall economic and cost of living climate in California puts them in rarified air as compared to other areas with the same or similar problems. Many assert that Los Angeles and Orange County (both in the Los Angeles area) are among the worst when it comes to overcrowding and this opinion has echoed for at least a generation (Reyes & Menezes, 1995)