Reproductive System Sources for your Essay

Disorders of the Reproductive System

Infertility occurs when one is not able to get pregnant or impregnate a woman after having unprotected sex over a six months period. Infertility is thought to be a disorder in women but in the real sense it also occurs in men (Zimmermann, 2013)

Disorders of the Reproductive System

in women these factors include damaged fallopian tubes, problems in ovulation endometriosis and conditions that affect the uterus. On the other hand the specific factors that lead to infertility are low sperm count, problems in tubes that carry sperms, ejaculation and erection problems (WebMD, 2013)

Female Reproductive System (Uterus/Ovaries) Functions

It also provides an ideal microenviroment for the growth, nourishment, impalntationand development of the embryo and the fetus during pregnancy. Its also provides protection to the developing fetus and its strong contractive forces help in the expulsion of the fetus at the end of gestation (Vermon,1857)