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Clinical Pharmacy the Discourse Community

Current Conversations The pharmaceutical industry and thus the pharmaceutical discourse community as a whole is driven by a great deal of innovation in ongoing research meaning there are always a great number of conversations occurring within the discourse community. Current issues, some of which suggest that a fundamental shift in the discourse community, include changing demographics in the taking of medications and consumption of pharmaceuticals, new sources of pharmaceutical compounds that had previously gone underutilized or summarily discounted and a host of other changing trends in pharmaceutical production and delivery (Humer 2005)

Clinical Pharmacy the Discourse Community

Natural Drugs One area that is of great interest to many in the pharmaceutical discourse community is the use of natural substances and compounds in pharmaceutical production. Though also quite controversial due to the environmental degradation that is created by any industrial interest in the natural world, pharmaceutical researchers are increasingly turning to plants and other naturally created compounds for the development of new pharmaceuticals (Newman & Cragg 2007)

Discourse Community Analysis

Boyce stated, "Record Keeping is the most tedious and most important task for the Clinical Psychologist in any setting."(Boyce, interview, 2002)